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INIO is an investment advice firm, based in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2020, INIO's ethos is centred around disrupting the financial services industry by providing quality stock investment and portfolio management recommendations that are affordable for the majority, helping people who want to turn relatively small amounts of money into a relative fortune over many years of simple, quality advice at a reasonable price.

We advise people how to construct their own portfolio based on their own goals, income, and risk profile. Whether it's for a pension, mortgage deposit, or general savings, it is our job to navigate through the noise and copious amount of data to bring you the simplest and most logical recommendations. We combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to help create a portfolio that is right for you, maximising your profit while letting you know you are in safe hands.

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Risk Disclaimer

The products and services provided by INIO are created using the quantitative and qualitative data that INIO is aware of at the time, but INIO makes no guarantee that this information is accurate or true. All investments, whether recommended by INIO or not, can gain and lose value over time, and no specific investment or investment technique that INIO publishes or advises is guaranteed to go up in value or be the best choice for asset allocation at any point in time.

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